How to get involved

Testing the Waters

Testing the Waters is the pathway Blue Wave uses to encourage youth to continue to normalize mental illness, with minimal commitment. Through social media vehicles such as You Tube, Tumblr, and Twitter, youth are encouraged share their feelings through video, image or text about how they “sometimes” feel. These exercises stem from the  theory behind art therapy; creating images and spending time on thoughts that, when contained in ones own mind, can seem fleeting and unmanageable, allow for acceptance, normalization and treatment, if necessary. When feelings are presented via Blue Wave “Testing the Waters”, the concerns in their heads are addressed and given the opportunity to realize it’s not that bad, “it’s okay to be blue”, they are not alone and if it gets to a point where they need the help, there is, at the click of their mouse.

youth council

Starting in May 2013, Blue Wave will be starting a youth advisory council to help us make sure our programs are relevant to young people. If you’re interested, email us at [email protected]. We’ll be posting a job description with more details in May.