On behalf of the Thomas Haney PAC I just want to thank you so much for coming out to Maple Ridge yesterday, for bringing your lovely team along with you and for organising this event to get the message across to our students at Thomas Haney.  I thought that Buffy, Laura and Luke all got their messages across to the kids in a light but meaningful manner.  For them to get up there and relate their personal experiences to the kids, showing some of the different aspects of depression and mental health problems, was very powerful.  We have to be careful not to weight the kids down with too much deep and heavy information but we want them to be aware of what some people go through and what they themselves might be faced with one day, or even right now!  I think the Hip Hop dancers are a perfect blend to lighten things up and make it more memorable. 

Kind regards and many thanks again,


Emma Hargreaves


Testimonial from Trevor Connor, Principal of Westview High School, Maple Ridge, BC, after hosting a BLUE WAVE Event in 2011:

“Fantastic job you guys. Again, WOWW!! So amazingly professional. I hope the struggling words that we shared do in fact encourage others to connect with your organization and that this WAVE does in fact really expand over cover our kids over the next few years.”

“Great product. Please stay connected with us. You and what you did with Todd and his kids was most definitely a highlight of the year for me.”


– Trevor

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Blue Wave over the past two years. Their suicide prevention and education workshops for youth are powerful and thought provoking. The facilitators use interactive components, such as personal stories, discussions, and question periods to engage students and address the issues in a way that relates to them. Students come away from the workshop with an awareness of how to stay safe, and help themselves and the people in their lives who need support. Recently, we have had students who were dealing with these issues, and the Blue Wave presentation and discussions have helped them to face their fears with regard to dealing with these issues and concerns.”

“Blue Wave workshops provide an extremely valuable service to children, youth and communities throughout British Columbia, and it is crucial that they are able to spread their message and continue empowering youth to make healthy decisions. I strongly recommend this program to other schools and youth audiences.”

– Adrienne Mcleod
Grade 9 Teacher
Brookswood Secondary School
Langley, BC

“BLUE WAVE has done more in 1 year than we have done in 5 years.”

– Alberta Mental Health

“I was directed to your website by a colleague. This is a wonderful resource! I will be passing on your website to my networks. Great work!”

– Stephanie Loewen

“It was great meeting you today and I know you have inspired us all to look after our youth better! Looking forward to more collaboration with Blue Wave, keep up the excellent work!”

– Jill
Alberta Health Services

“Thanks, Debbie, for giving young people this opportunity. The timing could not have been better. I think this event will be my son and many other young people’s rainbow they’ve been looking for.”

– Belinda Roemer
Admin Support to Jill Kelland/Komala Pepin
Cross Level Services and Supports

“Blue Wave has a phenomenal website and one huge, doable idea – break the barriers that prevent kids from getting the help they need, when they need it. The website is a great resource for helping people understand what it’s really like to be a teen struggling with mental health issues but with practical messages of hope. I’ve found it a fabulous resource in my mental health and addiction class. I’m looking forward to the first “Blue Wave” Event in our community, Spring 2011.”

– Dr. Robert Lees
R. Psych., Instructor, University of the Fraser Valley
Mental Health & Addictions, School of Child and Youth Care

“Jack and his team at Blue Wave are doing fantastic work and we can help them spread their messages.”

– Dave Gallson, CAE
Associate National Executive Director
Mood Disorders Society of Canada

“I have been aware of the concept of Blue Wave since its birth 4 years ago. In my opinion, as a father and member of a large extended family with relatives spread across Canada and US, I know, first hand, how much support is needed for all people struggling with mental health issues. Blue Wave helps young people before their symptoms become unmanageable, giving a better opportunity for treatment and recovery. More importantly, Blue Wave brings these issues out in the open squashing the stigma associated with mental illness, stating, “It’s OK to be blue.” Blue Wave is built on promoting public awareness, acceptance and understanding. You have my support and best wishes. Gary Chomyn and Family”

– Gary Chomyn, CMM
New Media Sales & Management Co. Ltd
Fort Langley, BC

“Altering the framework – Mental health is an illness that affects all of us, either as a family with a member who has an illness or as a member of society. The emotional and economic cost associated with such an illness devastates many families and businesses. Society has attached a stigma on even the slightest side effect of a disruption in the operation of our finely tuned human brain. Many of us display a thin veneer of polite uncomfortableness when the topic of mental health arises. This must not continue. We must welcome and strongly promote efforts to alter the overall framework of our approach in the treatment and advancement in the understanding of mental health issues. By rising above our fear of the unknown and embracing the challenges that lie ahead, we will be able to work towards reshaping societies mental health attitudes and treatments. This will provide hope for those families with nowhere to go. It is with heart felt emotion that I’m hopeful The Blue Wave Foundation’s vision, purpose and concentrated efforts provides us with a movement of change. Be strong and embrace their efforts”

– Paul Hamilton
B.B.A., C.A., C.I.M., FCSI, CSWP
Lions Gate Hospital Foundation board member.