Blue Wave Youth Team

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photo_boy_02The Blue Wave Youth Team is a group of 8 young people from across BC aged 14–18. Part of our program involves teaching a mental health skills course to teenagers, and our team is giving their advice on all the course materials to make them relevant for a Canadian youth audience. The course is called Living Life to the Full, and it’s about dealing with the stresses life throws our way. It’s a prevention course for anyone. You can find more information about it at

Our team is also sharing what kinds of social media young people enjoy using and how Blue Wave can best use them!

What does the Youth Team do?

Team members:

Who is eligible?

All we ask is that team members are willing to come to the meetings, they commit to the duties above, and they will participate in group discussions (there are only 8 people on our team). Since this course is for any teen, they do not need to have experience of a mental health problem to take part, but it’s ok if they have had one in the past or if they currently do.

What’s in it for team members?

I’m interested! Can I still apply?

Our Youth Team is currently full, but you can email [email protected] if you have any questions about the team, or any ideas for our program.